Shout Out to Great Bosses

Part of having anxiety, for myself anyways, is that my brain never shuts off.  I’m constantly thinking of 80 different things at the same time and it can be overwhelming.  Sometimes an interesting idea floats into my head and if I don’t write it down I’ll completely forget it.  I have my personal journals, I have this blog as of recent, and I also have pages of notes to myself saved on my phone.  I found the following on my phone.   I don’t know who I wrote this for or why.  Maybe as a reminder to myself that good companies and bosses exist.  I worked for at a really terrible place, with an absolute jerk at the helm last year.  At any rate, when I read it again it made me feel good.  It reminded me that I’ve come a long way.  Also that hard work and a nurturing environment can really make a difference.  I’m putting it here because maybe someone can relate or take it as a lesson in how a workplace should feel.

Ohh hey you!  I know you.  Making your way through life with little help from anyone.  You’re stubborn enough to not ask for help, but humble enough to know what you don’t know.  You’re also scrappy and willing to fight for a position at work that you’re not technically qualified for, but you’re going to prove you can do it anyway.  Countless hours on message boards and help forums; you’re going to try your damndest to to figure out your question before you finally concede and ask for help.  How lucky are you that your boss recognizes your efforts?  They see your efforts and acknowledge them.  They guide you to where you need to be and are proud to see you advance.   Your success is a positive reflection on their ability to foster growth and promote competent people from within.  NOT some sort of challenge to their position or authority.  A good boss wants you to succeed, even beyond them if you’re able.

I’ve always felt my work is a reflection on my boss and I don’t want to let them down.  And I’ve been lucky enough, for the most part… minus some peeps.. grrr… that I’ve worked for people who took pride in my abilities even when I doubted myself and helped me gain the confidence I needed to succeed.  Lesson being, if you’re in a position where your boss doesn’t see your success as their success… It’s a good indicator you need to move on.*

*You still have to work your booty off to prove yourself.  You can’t be loafing about doing the minimum and then wonder why you’re not getting ahead.  You’re the most crucial part of your own destiny.


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