Welcome Back!

I’m welcoming myself back to a project that I shelved before it began; this blog.  I’m notorious for starting projects and never finishing them.  I have about 15 books sitting on a shelf that I’ve begun, but tossed aside before making any real progress.  Those are the most prominent displays of my failures.  I typically get rid of the evidence of attempts at hobbies so there aren’t piles of lost motivation cluttering up my apartment.  It’s usually a craft.  I start a craft, get into it for awhile, then get bored and go back to my favorite past time of binge watching cartoons I’ve seen a million times. Futurama.

So… on that subject of crafts, I took up cross stitch about a month ago.  My favorite part is the discovery of a site called Subversive Cross Stitch.  I think stitching swear words and insults is really therapeutic for me.

My first finished product (from the craft store, not Subversive Cross Stitch):


I wanted to start off small to get some practice.  The poop emoji called to me from the aisle of the craft store.




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