How Can This Fail?!

This whole project is stemmed from the idea that I know just enough about digital to monetize a site of my own.  Also, that people will find this content interesting enough to visit on a regular basis so I have the traffic needed to be successful.

Why “Random?”  Glad you asked.  I didn’t think this through.  I don’t think anything through.  My entire life has been a series of winged events strung together with alcohol and junk food.  So far,  it’s turning out alright.   I also feel like the random person at a party where everyone knows each other… all the time.  I’ve decided to capitalize on my own discomfort with life in general by sharing it with you.  This is ‘Murica, you can capitalize on anything.

Actual thoughts I had while setting this up:

  • How do I get DFP/AdSense/AdX as blog?  Is that even possible?
  • Christ, I don’t have any content
  • Fuck me – I don’t have a PC.  My laptop died three weeks ago
    • Fuck it, I’ll just use my work laptop
  • I’ll put all this shit on my nearly maxed out credit cards
    • Who needs to eat?!
  • I’m sure I can teach myself how to do this..
    • I mean.. I do need a hobby anyway
    • … Man, hope I can make like 20 bucks a month just to maintain
  • I should get Dave to do a podcast with me and we’ll put it on here
    • WTF would we do a podcast about?!
      • We may think we’re more entertaining than we actually are..

Seriously, with this kind of business plan, how could this possibly be a bad idea?!


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